About me

How I work and what I do are the direct result of my own life path. I developed my passion for philosophy in my childhood, recognizing that how we make meaning of our lives has a powerful impact on how we feel, how we act and how much energy we have. I learned that I could cultivate my own resources to overcome obstacles and that by changing my attitude and my actions I could transform challenges into opportunities. Realizing that my perfectionism is both a strength and a stressor helped me to embrace my humanness and develop my capacity for empathy and compassion. Crossing cultures from the US to Switzerland provided me with hands-on experience in overcoming culture shock, reinventing myself, and learning not only to survive but to thrive—the essence of resilience. This motivated me to share what I learned on my journey with others, both in my professional work and in my volunteer work supporting integration.

The convictions that guide me are: life is about learning; taking responsibility for our lives gives us tremendous power and energy; every individual has a unique contribution to make; love is the greatest force in the universe.


Kathy Hartmann-Campbell was born and raised in the US, graduated from Yale University with Honors in Philosophy and has lived in Basel, Switzerland since 1982. In Basel she completed a four-year training program in applied psychology, recognized in the UK as a psychotherapist qualification, and served as Head of Language Training at Hoffmann-La Roche for two-and-a-half years. In 1990 Kathy founded her own company. She works both locally and abroad with multinational clients that include Roche, Novartis, IBM and the Bank for International Settlements.


Kathy Hartmann-Campbell
Lerchenstrasse 30
CH-4059 Basel



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