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March 31, 2021

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Image: Alyona Bogomolova, Unsplash

Every spring I am amazed anew at nature’s unfolding display of color and beauty: first the snowbells peeking out, followed by crocuses and primroses bringing the first color, the magnolias sensuously opening on bare branches, then the tender green leaves in the trees, followed by the scented blooms of lilac, wisteria, and lilies of the valley. Regardless of how grey the sky may be, they share their ebullience. I know that if I don’t take the time to enjoy them, right then when they present themselves, it will be my loss. Yet again and again I realize that I am walking by, too absorbed in my thoughts to notice the abundance that surrounds me.

If we really take time to notice this reawakening of nature, we can have a direct experience of the wonder of creation and the natural cycle of renewal, filling us with gratitude and trust, and putting our problems into perspective. We only need to open ourselves to it. I find the best way to partake of the glory of flowers is to approach them with the curiosity and delight of a child, peering closely at every detail, burying my nose deeply in them to take in their fragrance and marvel at their delicacy.

I often pick a small posy to place by the sink or on my desk so that every time I see them, they lighten my heart. Particularly after this challenging, pandemic-dominated year, during which many of us have experienced moments of heaviness and gloom, turning our attention to the miracle of nature displayed even in the most humble flowers can have a powerful healing effect.

During the next few days and weeks, I invite you to take time to absorb the beauty of the spring flowers and do some blossoming of your own.

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