Kathy Hartmann-Campbell has proved to be a highly effective, committed and caring professional who has produced important, measurable improvements for her clients in our Company.

Corporate executive

Powerful and insightful. Lots of things to think about which challenge my view of how I communicate with people.

Informatics Manager

Excellent. Took the group’s needs seriously, motivated and kept the process moving without applying pressure.

Team Building Workshop participant

Unlike other courses in this vein, I learned theories, strategies and techniques that I could apply in a variety of settings.

Human Resources Manager

I will always treasure this course as the best one I have ever participated in for I know that the outcomes have been and will continue to be positive ones.

Regulatory Affairs Manager

I found the course extremely rewarding. It was not only full of practical, down-to-earth information but also very motivating.

Corporate writer/editor

I went to Kathy's workshop when I was finding everything really hard and it gave me hope and perspective. I think it saved my life.

Culture Shock Workshop participant